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Here are a few services I offer.

User Experience User Experience

A successful interface requires planning. Let’s create a site structure and develop wireframes for your audience. This process can range from simple sitemaps to extensive wireframing.

Digital Design Digital Design

I offer responsive design services for microsites, websites, enterprise sites, mobile apps, infographics, social media campaigns… you name it. If it involves pixels, I’m in!

Branding & Print Design Branding & Print Design

Branding, print collateral, invitations, etc. If you need a logo refresh or have a print project you’d like to collaborate on, I can provide a number of different print design services.


Playing Nice with Developers

Playing Nice with Developers

Posted by on Mar 16, 2017 in Design | No Comments

As designers, we can push pixels to perfection all day long until we create the most beautiful masterpiece. But the reality is it can look very different once it hits development. That’s why playing nice with developers is so important. Hand over a messy Photoshop file and you can instantly irritate the person or team who is in […]

Startup Series: Lumi Agency

Startup Series: Lumi Agency

Posted by on Feb 16, 2017 in Design, Updates | No Comments

One of the reasons I love working with a new tech startup is because it takes guts to start from the ground up. You don’t dive head first into a new venture unless you’ve got some serious drive, passion and hustle in your blood. And, of course, I always love learning about how it all […]

Design Responsibility

Design Responsibility

Posted by on Dec 6, 2016 in Design, Faith | No Comments

Design responsibility… what’s that? Whether you realize it or not, everything around you is design and comes with a responsibility. From the simplicity of a highway sign to the complexity of your cookbook, every last detail has some form of conscious design. Additionally, each of these products is shaping you in one way or another. […]