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Here are a few services I offer.

User Experience User Experience

A successful interface requires planning. Let’s create a site structure and develop wireframes for your audience. This process can range from simple sitemaps to extensive wireframing.

Digital Design Digital Design

I offer responsive design services for microsites, websites, enterprise sites, mobile apps, infographics, social media campaigns… you name it. If it involves pixels, I’m in!

Branding & Print Design Branding & Print Design

Branding, print collateral, invitations, etc. If you need a logo refresh or have a print project you’d like to collaborate on, I can provide a number of different print design services.


Design Responsibility

Design Responsibility

Posted by on Dec 6, 2016 in Design, Faith | No Comments

Design responsibility… what’s that? Whether you realize it or not, everything around you is design and comes with a responsibility. From the simplicity of a highway sign to the complexity of your cookbook, every last detail has some form of conscious design. Additionally, each of these products is shaping you in one way or another. […]

I Hired a Design Intern

Posted by on Nov 18, 2016 in Design, Updates | No Comments

Six months have passed since my last blog post, but I’m still here I promise. So much has happened this past summer. I hired a design intern. He’s a hard worker who barely ever takes breaks during the day and even pulls all nighters.

Working in London

Working in London

Posted by on May 20, 2016 in Design | One Comment

So, I was able to work from London for two weeks back in February… oh the joys of freelance! I had many ideas on what to blog about, but one topic seemed to be the most relevant for my fellow designers — what places did I end up working from? The area I stayed in was […]