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Carrot 2012
Art Direction  //  Design   //  Production

This year’s annual Kids’ Choice Awards were sponsored by Target. Carrot was asked to create a Facebook application to promote the event and to create an enjoyable experience for Mom and her kids during the show. This experience needed to be something that would positively connect Mom with Target and create a memory or annual ritual for her and her children. We created a Facebook application called ‘Spotted at the KCAs’ that was evolved from a simple game of Bingo. The application was designed and developed for both mobile and desktop for increased participation.



The Details

‘Spotted at the KCAs’ encouraged guests to create a series of customizable game boards, each one counting toward an entry to win a Target GiftCard®. Guests could create up to 8 boards with a unique name and icon leading up to the awards show, that were then randomly generated with unique elements that might be seen during the show. Each bard created equaled an entry to win a Target GiftCard®.

Guests could also receive a FREE space by sliming a friend on Facebook and adding them to that square on their board. This increased engagement and collaboration within the platform.


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