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Carrot 2012
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If you’re a Top Chef fan, then you’re familiar with the definitive statement that ends each episode: “Pack your knives and go.” However, a new web series called Last Chance Kitchen was introduced for Season 9, giving each rejected chef a chance at redemption. The web series airs online immediately following Top Chef. For Season 10, Carrot was asked to drive viewers to the web series to further engagement and increase viewership. We created a Facebook application called ‘Master the Menu’ to provide a digital extension of the show and a weekly reminder for fans to tune into the web series ‘Last Chance Kitchen,’ all the while incentivizing the top competitor with a trip on the Top Chef: The Cruise.



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The Details

‘Master the Menu’ draws on the show’s competitive nature by quizzing individuals, or teams of Facebook friends, on the content seen in each week’s ‘Last Chance Kitchen’ webisode. Each week, fans visited the application to watch videos and compete by participating in a quiz. Every correct answer equalled an entry to win a trip on Top Chef: The Cruise. By tying sweepstakes entries to correct answers, fans directly benefited from watching the show’s content. Additionally, fans earned up to six different title achievements based on point accumulation—such as ‘Fry Chef’ and ‘Sous Chef.’ Each unlocked achievement and completed quiz triggered an Open Graph action, thereby promoting the contest across the social platform.


The Process

Although the app seems simple, creating teams of 3 with a collective score was a recipe for a pretty complex user experience. Wireframes were established for both “team captain” and “teammate” user flows. What happens if you’re invited to play on someone’s team vs. if you’re the team captain initiating the competition? How will teammates be reminded to complete the quiz each week? These are just a couple questions, of many, that had to be answered. In addition, achievement icon illustrations represented different levels teams could collect and share.

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The Results

Master the Menu attracted over 60,000 fans. Throughout the season, 12,551 Open Graph actions were published, accumulating over 255,000 impressions and 2,000 Facebook referrals. Over 17,000 quizzes about ‘Last Chance Kitchen’ webisodes were taken and over 20,000 achievements were unlocked by fans.

Additionally, we built a strong user base using paid application installs and sponsored stories. By the end of the paid campaign, we outperformed our internal benchmark rate by 48%