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Carrot 2012
Art Direction  //  Design  //  Illustration  //  Production

What’s better than a bag full of candy on Halloween? A Target GiftCard®, of course! In an effort to gain more Facebook “Likes” during the month of October, Target challenged Carrot to create an evergreen app that would incentivize guests to visit daily.

We created a Like-gated Facebook application called Trick or Treat that coincided with Target’s Halloween campaign for 2012. Each day, guests were encouraged to “knock” on the door from Target’s haunted house. Winners of Target GiftCards® were chosen at random. If a guest didn’t win, they received a haunted illustration each day that counted toward a grand prize entry at the end of the sweepstakes.



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The Details

The Facebook app was designed and developed for both desktop and mobile platforms. Custom illustrations were created for each day a door opened without a Target GiftCard® on the other side. Additionally, each opened door triggered an Open Graph action, thereby promoting the sweepstakes across the social platform.