I’m a freelance UX / UI designer with a healthy obsession for perfectly crafted experiences.


Give me chaos and I’ll find a way to organize it and create something useful, meaningful and beautiful.




“Bonnie has an almost prescient ability to translate our clients' vision for their brands into powerful IA and visual design. There's no designer I trust more to produce the stunning work that my clients crave. You would be lucky to have her work on your brand.“

Daniel Quinn
Daniel Quinn Freelance WordPress Developer

“Aside from being a very talented designer; Bonnie is incredibly trustworthy, punctual and collaborative. She's wonderful and I highly recommend working with her.“

Jonathan Soares
Jonathan Soares Owner of Agency Labs

“Bonnie has been a great design partner for our agency. She's organized, methodical and most importantly extremely talented. I know I can count on her to keep a project on track and deliver a high quality result.”

Cara Stellato
Cara Stellato Owner of Lumi Agency