Bonnie Brunner CT UX/UI Designer

City of Danbury Refresh

Welcome to the City of Danbury’s New Website

Back in September, I was hired by Lumi to design a new site for the city of Danbury, CT. I gladly accepted… Danbury is where I was born and raised. When looking through their old site, it was clear this website needed a better site architecture and user experience, though it was better than most government websites. After doing a full audit of the site—clicking through every single link to document pages within the existing site map—I created a new site map removing duplicated pages and condensing areas that needed simplification. During the wireframe stage, the 500+ page website was then organized into just 16 unique templates, ensuring that every single content type was accounted.

I’m happy to announce that this brand new website is LIVEHopefully this provides a simple and easy experience for existing users, and can also be used as a means for promoting the city of Danbury as a nice place to live. I’ve included the full wireframes and responsive website design in my portfolio, here.


Bonnie Brunner CT Freelance UX / UI Designer