Carrot Handbook

Carrot HandApp

Client: Carrot Creative
Date: 2012-04-06
Services: App Design, Illustration, User Experience


An Employee Handbook You’ll Want to Read

Filling out paper work and reviewing an employee handbook with HR was not an onboarding process that Carrot wanted to embrace. With the company growing at such a fast rate, they sought a more efficient, yet adventurous, way to onboard new employees. They wanted to push the boundaries of the typical employee handbook by creating a proprietary one that best represented the company’s forward-thinking. So, we created an iPad app that included all relevant information in as an interactive experience with a unique login for each employee. The best part? Everyone received a brand new iPad mini as a welcome gift.


The Details

Welcome to your new job … here’s an iPad Mini.

New employees were either shipped an iPad Mini prior to their start date, or received it on their first day of work. This meant that packaging needed to survive the postal service process. Since Carrot’s rally cry is“Hustle, Team, Adventure,” the packaging  resembled a treasure box with a branded logo on the lid and a hidden compartment inside. Upon opening the box, the employee is greeted with a wax-sealed letter and a map.

Each iPad mMini was set up with the same wallpaper and lock screen, familiar apps, and of course, the Carrot HandApp. They were then placed inside embroidered canvas bags and positioned in the secret compartment. For the letters, we didn’t cheat and buy the wax seal stickers—each was handmade.

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