Infor Rhythm

Client: Infor, Hook & Loop
Date: 2016
Services: Software Design, UI Design, User Experience, Art Direction


Designing a B2B Ecommerce Solution with a B2C Experience

During my time at Hook & Loop, I worked on a SaaS model ecommerce platform called Rhythm. Rhythm is a modern engagement solution that is entirely powered by widgets. It allows clients to tell their brand story; easily manage content, promotions, and catalog assortments; access applied analytics; and streamline the ordering process with full visibility into order history, pending approvals, and draft orders. As an Art Director, I led and worked alongside a team of 5 UX/UI designers to create the wireframes and theme designs. I also was the lead contact for the development team in Sweden, reviewing front end development in Jira and making sure the functionality and design integrity remained intact.

Global Documentation

Making Sure We’re All on the Same Page

With a team of developers in Sweden, an Infor QA team, and our internal Design team at Hook & Loop, it was essential to create a global document for everyone to reference. 135+ pages later, we successfully documented all the UI, wireframes, and designs for the basic default Rhythm theme.

The UI kit included a slew of elements—buttons, indicators, tags, links, colors, typography, and so on. We also had to make sure everything was scalable and functional for all languages (let’s just say German was our least favorite)! All widgets were fully annotated and represented in all responsive layouts.


Starting with a Base

Once the base widgets were created and designed, it was time to put together a base theme to demonstrate the beauty of the platform. The base theme is what all clients would receive for the most basic subscription to Rhythm. If they wanted a more custom design, they could opt-in to that, as well. Once the base theme was established (below), design examples were put together for a number of different clients.

View Base Theme for Desktop


A Custom Experience for Unique Client Brands

To build and maintain a base of loyal customers, retailers need to focus on fostering meaningful relationships with their customers. This means a tailored experience that is unique to their brand. For clients that wanted to push past Rhythm’s base theme, Hook & Loop offered custom designs within the parameters of the software and it’s widgets. Below is an example of a design I put together for Eugster Frismag.

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