Bonnie Brunner Freelance UX/UI Designer CT


Client: Framework Homeownership | Keep
Date: November 5, 2019
Services: Site Architecture, User Experience, Design


A Custom Home Reno for

Framework Homeownership launched a new independent mobile app dedicated to empowering first-time and first-generation homebuyers through the entire homeownership journey.  Keep HomeTM offers courses, budgeting tools, checklists and more to help overwhelmed consumers navigate the stressful, complex and life-changing process of buying and maintaining a home. The app is backed by a web-based platform ( that offers the same rich information, but it was in need of a fresh design before the launch of the mobile app. The site architecture was adjusted, along with a fresh design based on the existing Keep branding.

Launch Website

Getting into the Details

“Currently, people wanting to experience the benefits of homeownership aren’t getting two major things they need: unbiased support and access to education. We’re trying to fix that.”

Danielle Samalin, CEO

Keep’s original website lacked robust areas of visual engagement and content. The site needed to be better organized with a scalable framework to allow for added languages in the future and content additions as the market evolves. With a new sitemap in place, the Keep team chose to build the site on WordPress’s Gutenberg platform. I worked with Agency Labs to develop the wireframes in a block-based format to ensure compatibility with a Gutenberg build, and totally relevant for all content-types.

Twenty-five unique blocks were created with an assigned content type. The fully annotated wireframes outlined which components were blocks, in addition to their relationship within each versatile layout. When it came to design, the existing brand identity, colors, typography, photography and illustrations were already provided. The end result is a visually striking experience that the client can make adjustments to as they update and/or add content blocks.

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