Milo Method

Client: Agency Labs | Milo Method
Date: October 20, 2017
Services: UX Design, UI Design


An enterprise fitness app to keep you in check.

In collaboration with Agency Labs, I had to opportunity to create the experience and design for a unique iPad app concept. Milo Method elevates your gym time by tracking your progress during a workout. Athletes can check in at an iPad station located in various areas of the gym. They then have the option to workout within a team of 3 while the app tracks their sets, reps and weight along the way. In addition to monitoring bpm and total calories, Milo Method provides a summary at the conclusion of the workout. Athletes can then choose to upload a photo and share to social media.

User Experience

When the clock is counting down, athletes depend on an easy app experience.

The success of the Milo Method iPad app 100% depends on the user experience. When members enter the gym, they need to very easily identify and locate an iPad station; logging in needs to be fast, yet secure; and using the app during the workout needs to provide value. If one of these experiences is difficult, the app will inhibit the athlete’s performance. For security purposes, an athlete must be a member of the gym and can sign in quickly by scanning their key tag. Agency Labs integrated with MindBody to retrieve member data and then created a custom bar code reading solution.

During the wireframing stage, Agency Labs and I consulted with the client on a number of different functionality features to ensure that we were creating the best possible platform for the target audience. With everyone’s workout starting at the same time, the app needs to be activated quickly and easily so it can track everyone’s progress simultaneously. Working within a team of 2-3 provided unique challenges — what if an athlete can’t continue the workout? What if an athlete is taking too long for their set? How does the next athlete know when it’s their turn? And so on…


How do you design with instant readability in mind?

When it came to designing the app, I created a very bold color palette with motivational photography and large typography. The information needed to read very quickly — at a moment’s glance in between reps and sets. Buttons are large for ease of use and the visuals are straight-forward with simple iconography.

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