Bonnie Brunner CT Freelance UX/UI Designer

uPhoria Smile

Client: uPhoria Smile
Date: August 1, 2018
Services: User Experience, Web Design


An ultrasonic teeth whitening system.

In collaboration with Daniel Quinn, I had to opportunity to create a B2B website experience and design for uPhoria Smile. This advanced in-office whitening system is powered by sono-chemistry and can brighten your smile in only 4 minutes without any tooth sensitivity.  The in-office procedure is complimented with an optional at home kit for maintenance between appointments. The founders of uPhoria needed a website redesign to better position their whitening system.

Launch Website

User Experience

A simple experience for doctors to see uPhoria’s value.

For dentists, whitening is the #1 desired treatment. That means offering an in-office experience during a regular appointment is a high selling point. The goal of the user experience for uPhoria’s new website was to highlight how doctor’s can easily and quickly build their practice and boost profits by offering this whitening system to their patients.

During the wireframing stage, Daniel Quinn and I consulted with the client on a number of different content strategies. With features to highlight, equipment to showcase and a process to be explained, the website experience needed to be easy to navigate and offer many opportunities to schedule a demo or purchase the whitening system.


Bold iconography mixed with white smiles. 

When it came to designing the responsive website, I magnified the existing branding for uPhoria — vibrant colors and large photography of white smiles. I also designed simple icons and diagrams to increase readability, engagement and communication of the product messaging.

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